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Goldstreet Dairy

Jersey Cheese

Jersey Cheese

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Our signature, ‘Jersey Cheese’ is a semi-hard, cooked curd cheese made to be grilled but can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Think, a cross between halloumi, feta, and mozzarella, a creamy, slab of cheese with a crisp exterior and soft, layered, and textured curd inside when grilled over high heat. 

Made from single sourced Jersey milk from Camden Valley Farm, this cheese was developed over a number of years and has now found it’s place in the Goldstreet cheese range with a cult following.

Packaging: 275g vacuum packed pouch

Texture: This depends on your tastes – grill or pan fry it with a good amount of oil to crisp the outer edges and soften the insides. Fresh, it has a slight bite, an occasional squeak, and a lemony tang, crumbled, or grated it works well in fritters and quiches or crumbed and fried, it changes again and becomes an unctuous, creamy, crunchy, and delicious mess. Choose your own texture.

Flavour: For best results, grill over charcoal after searing in a hot pan, and brush with garlic oil as it is cooking. Get the crust crispy to hold its shape while the inside melts and softens. Alternatively, choose your own flavour profile and serve with something acidic, fatty, and salty – lemon, olive oil and sea salt is a good start.

Serving suggestions: See above with anchovies, fresh bread, tomatoes, melons, spice mixes or lots of herbs and a good ale. We recommend portioning the cheese into fingers, rectangles, or small squares – around 3-4, depending on the use.


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