How to cook and serve our cheese

Jersey Cheese

Our signature jersey cheese can be enjoyed grilled, pan fried, fresh, crumbled, or grated. The most popular way is no doubt the original grilled, to do this here’s a guide to get it crispy and delicious.

1. Remove from packaging and portion in half, thirds or quarter length wise. Cooking the whole piece isn't recommended, as you'll get a better result in smaller more manageable pieces. Any that you don't use, soak in lightly salted water and keep in the fridge for next time.

2. Air dry the cheese - preferably on paper towel over night in the fridge. The less moisture there is, the less spitting you will get and the better the crust. Like a steak.

3. A little oil, not too much, get it hot in a non stick or seasoned cast iron pan then gently put your cheese in. Swish it around a little.

4. Cook all the sides on a medium heat. Don't worry about cooking it all the way each time you flip it, keep flipping it again and build the crust each time, moderating your heat.

5. Do the ends - you don't have to but it does make for a nicer time, especially if you're sharing.

6. We like to brush it with garlic oil - grate one clove into olive oil and brush right at the end so it doesn't burn.

7. Rest the cheese on paper towel once it's ready.

8. Drown it in the best quality olive oil available to you. It's good cheese, it needs good oil.

9. Acidity and salt to finish, honey if you want sweetness and some heat is also a good idea. Pickles, chutneys, fruits, hot sauce, next seasons tomatoes all very good options too.

Goldstreet Clouds

This cheese pot is based on the French, fromage blanc or fromage frais and is best eaten super fresh for breakfast, at lunch, with or even after dinner. It can be used to cook in either savoury or sweet applications, and is especially good with breakfast radishes, sea salt and cracked black pepper.

A very versatile curd, use in place of butter with bread, in dips, with fresh, poached or stewed fruit, with beef tartare, raw vegetables, in sauces, cheesecakes, gelato and mousses. Or just as is with a spoon and a sprinkle of raw sugar as the kids do in Northern France for dessert.

Cawdor Cows Curd

Perfect for breakfast on toast with marmalade or honey, with the Summer tomatoes, with crusty baguette, in a salad, tart, quiche or even in desserts.

From the jar with fresh cherries, honeycomb, cracked black pepper and something with fizz, like Vouvray, pet nat or even cider. With melon and ham, good asparagus, crisp apples, pears, radishes, or raw vegetables.  Spread on fresh bread, in place of butter with fresh cracked pepper is the simplest and often most effective.