Cawdor Log

A lactic style cheese based on the Loire Valley style cheeses, we drain our potted Cows Curd to produce a firmer log shaped cheese that has been lightly salted and can be eaten fresh or aged further to ripen to your liking.

It has a very delicate mouthfeel, and as it ages takes on more of a soft, white mould cheese flavour profile with a bit of pungency while remaining delicate. As this cheese is made with the cream kept in the milk, it is very rich and can appear mottled as it ripens.

Cawdor is located 45 minutes south of Sydney and was the site where Australia’s first cow herd was found after escaping when the first fleet arrived in 1788. Originally inhabited by the Tharawal and Gundungurra people, the area has a rich history of dairy production with Luke and Jess’s Camden Valley Farm situated just inside the village border.

Made from single sourced Jersey milk from Camden Valley Farm. For more information on our process and driving philosophies, see here.

Packaging: 200g log, wrapped in perforated cheese paper

Texture: Soft, fudgy, and buttery with a slight rind

Flavour: Lactic, slight saltiness, cheesiness as the cheese matures

Serving suggestions: Crusty baguette, picnic blanket, cheese knife, and a crisp Sancerre.